Sunday, April 6, 2008

Petals in 3D?

OK, maybe not in 3D, but this is one of the most in your face sequences of rose petals I've ever seen. Just got back from Kelly and Mike's Luckenbach wedding a few minutes ago. Flower Power.
photo by austin wedding photographer David Hill of wedding in Luckenbach Texas
austin wedding photography by David Hill

Katie and Nick

Katie and Nick had a church wedding in Round Rock followed by a reception at the Reunion Ranch. The candle light dance at the end of the evening was cool. Katie's mom thought of that. Great idea!

Photos of Katie and Nick wedding in north Austin by photographer David Hill
austin wedding photographer does Georgetown and Pflugerville photos in Texas


This year I only shot SXSW one night, for a Seattle-based marketing firm. This was my first major live music shoot with the Nikon D3.

Switching to Nikon

In the world of professional cameras, Canon vs Nikon is like Ford vs Chevy, or whatever your favorite commercial rivalry is. But unlike driving cars, there is no viable VW waiting on the sidelines to save you from the shouting match. Nope, in digital SLR cameras only two brands really matter for any type of documentary work. Some will claim that Olympus or Sony is an option, but they don't have nearly the established systems to back them up... To my point: I had been a Canon shooter since elementary school. Then about a year ago, Canon starting slipping up. Their normally amazing customer service started doing some weird things, and then they turned out several products with annoying inherent design flaws--flaws, including a pseudo-recall, that have been so debated on the Internet that I dare not speak them here by name!

Then Nikon released what is currently the world's most advanced professional DSLR, at the same time as their best ever wide angle lens. Fed up with Canon's attitude, I bought into this new Nikon wave. This is really a great thing, because the industry needed competition. Prior to the new D3, Nikon had been struggling on sensor quality; and as a result Canon set the pace of the market as they pleased. No more! Among its strengths, the Nikon D3 is the best low-light camera ever, which is great for events and indoor action. That's why I bought 2 of them, with a D300, a semi-pro model, for backup. Contrasted with Canon's semi-pro model, the 40D, Nikon's D300 wins huge, by way of its full pro auto focus system and much tougher build quality... I still love Canon, but they must get back to the quality they represented when they released the 5D and 1D Mark II generations... Anyways, this is part of my commitment to serve my clients with only the very best in glass-addled handheld microcomputers.

Jake turns 30

This is my good friend Jake. He just turned 30. He got a fancy egg timer with which to measure the remaining years of his life. Then he got a bunch of drinks out of us (not pictured), then he got chocolate cake. Bill Cosby would be proud.

What a caucus looks like

I was an Obama delegate at the county Democratic caucus. The one that made national news for being one of the largest Dem gatherings ever. If you want to see more, just look on my flickr - username davidhillphoto, where you can also find more snarky captions.