Saturday, May 10, 2008

Giant Hole in My Driveway

The other day I got home from lunch to find this giant hole in my driveway.

Though the timing came as a complete surprise, it happened because I told the city my water pressure was low a few months back.

Based on the amount of city personnel and gear required to fix this, I'm guessing I made back a full year's worth of property tax on this one.

This stuff beats Tonka toys for sure.

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John said...

I got a nice little chunk of my front yard dug up earlier this month to repair a fire hydrant. Fortunately the city replaced the missing sod the following day. The lawn is slowly recovering. I too received no notice except for multiple colors of spray paint in my front yard and a giant highway sign parked by the curb advertising to the whole neighborhood that the water would be off that day from 8 to 5. I'll have to send you the pictures.