Friday, September 28, 2007

Which for a newspaper?

Today one of my clients asked me to send them a pic for the newspaper ahead of the rest, which I'm still editing. Think they'll go for the action shot? My money says that the typical paper would run the vertical palm tree shot, or crop a vertical out of the wide landscape. Time will tell... Incidentally, this wedding took place at the beautiful Hotel Galvez in Galveston.


Mary said...

I like the wide shot with the hotel in the background, but I might have put a gel on the flash to reduce the green tint on the background. :) Actually... I would never do that. It would delay my eating cake.

David Hill said...

Ha ha ha ha. I guess you like having a magenta sky, which is what woulda happened if I did that. It was the sky or the hotel :P ... For those of you who have no idea what we're talking about: When you have two light sources, you can match them by applying a filter to one of them. When you have 3 or more light sources and one of them is physically inaccessible (like the sun), you can no longer filter for it and must start choosing which light source will appear incorrect. In this photo, there are at least 3 light sources.