Saturday, August 18, 2007

Waterloo, NY: A quickie at the diner?

Today we had lunch at a classic Googie-era diner. How can anyone resist such messaging as this?

I ordered a club sandwich. I'm not sure what happens if you ask the server for a quickie, but these people obviously have a sense of humor. Various sandwiches here come totally covered in gravy. The only place I ever saw do this in Texas was the Elite Cafe, founded in 1921, who dropped the gravy drenched sandwich off the menu about ten years ago. This is Old School.


jim said...

Connie's Diner is a Waterloo institution. Legend has it that if Connie's ever happened to be quiet enough, a person with good hearing could actually hear the sound of arteries slamming shut during a zesty meal.

0ldog said...

Connie's used to be called CHICKS diner. I remember when the table juke box's worked.